My Personal GPS

As I’ve gotten older I’m constantly aware of the ways my body has adapted and changed.  One of my most surprising discoveries has been my own internal Global Positioning System.

This one doesn’t come from Garmin or Navman.  It requires no power boost yet is active 24/7. As many pregnant women and older women before me have discovered, our own bladders are programmed to act as our internal GPS.

Our bodies, or maybe it’s just our bladders, can always tell how close we are to a bathroom to within seconds.  How does it do that?

Before, when I got home my bladder would remind me that a toilet was now available.  Now however, my bladder has a lot less patience.  The minute I park my car in my driveway my bladder activates my twenty second timer.

No time to lock the car, to check the mail, check my messages.  My bladder is the only organ my body is listening to. “Do not stop” it shrieks “bathroom NOW”.

I’m in awe of my body’s ability to keep up with my body’s changing needs.  And the fact that long before navigation systems my body’s bladder had created my own personal guiding GPS. Long may it support me!

I believe that there are now Apps to help you find the closest toilets, wherever you are. Have you used one?

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